The Wonder Of HEC

The summer term at HEC is well under way and keeping everyone busy and happy. We have had lots of fun with our regular sports coach and have played exciting team games. The amazing Lego man visited us for a day too, and we made some very technical and intricate lifting mechanisms. We always love the Lego man!


The wonder of HEC is in the willingness of all our families to get involved, which creates a feeling of community and togetherness. Whether it is bringing in some creative toys to share, running a fun activity or joining in with what is happening, it really is wonderful to see the children and adults sharing and laughing together.

It would be impossible to mention everything and thank everyone, but here's just a small sample: We have had our fantastic Scalextric Grand Prix ( big thanks to James and Astrid ) which, this time around, was won by Angelous. We've made cute Grass Heads ( big thanks to Kate ) and are now waiting, impatiently, for the grass hair to grow! Gemma ran a fabulous drawing competition to see who could create beautiful 'My Little Pony' pictures ( thank you Gemma ). An on-going activity is The Play, written by the talented Florie. She is directing a cast of children in her own version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It is very exciting!


Take a look at some photos of our activities and come back soon to see what amazing things we get up to next! :)


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