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Richard Huish College, Taunton & IGCSEs.
In April 2015, Richard Huish College announced that from Sept 2017 they would no longer be accepting IGCSEs as an equivalent qualification to GCSEs. Therefore anyone wishing to apply to the college for 2017 entry onwards would not be accepted if they had IGCSE qualifications. This not only affected Home Educated children, but also those in private schools.
Since then, HEC, Angela Horn (a Home Educator specialising in qualifications), and Fiona Nicholson from EdYourself have been communicating with Richard Huish to try and get this decision revoked. The reasons for this were because the government had previously stated very clearly that  IGCSEs were equivalent to GCSEs. 
Today, HEC received a letter from Richard Huish telling us that they will be continuing to accept IGCSEs as an equivalent to GCSEs from 2017 due to the government’s announcement (by Nick Boles) made some time ago, which we drew to their attention. 
Please note: home educators in the area wishing to apply to Richard Huish should ensure that when entered for their IGCSE exams from 2017, the exam centre enters them for the standard IGCSE and not the state schools version, the OFQUAL-accredited 'Level 1/ Level 2 Certificate’.  This means that eg if you are sitting Edexcel IGCSE maths, enter for 4MA0 rather than KMA0 - it's the same exam but a different code.  If you state in writing to the examinations officer that you want to take the standard, unregulated IGCSE then they should do the rest.
If anyone would like further information about this please contact us using the Contact Form.
A copy of the colleges statement is below:
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