Nelson's Navy Worshop

We were hugely excited to be visited by Steamhorse Interactive for a whole day of history brought to life! 

Our amazing host kept us on our toes all day with a range of exciting activities, games and grizzly re-enactments! We learnt all about life aboard Nelson's ship, including how to keep time, how to spot enemy ships and how to administer first aid ( quickly was usually best! ). We were shown how to tie knots, and how to send and receive messages using flag semaphor. We struggled to properly navigate using different forms of sextant that would have been used at the time and also used telescopes to identify enemy flags on far-away ships. It was an extremely fun day lead by an enthusiastic and  knowledgeable dramatist. I think it is fair to say we would all highly recommend Steamhorse and can't wait to welcome them back for another fun-filled day of learning. Visit their website here.

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