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HEC is still running and has moved from Chard to Seavington. If you need to contact us, please click on "Contact Us" and fill in the form. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. We are full at the moment, with a small waiting list, but if you are interested in joining in the future, please contact us so we can invite you to our next visitor's day.


The Home Education Centre in Chard, is a voluntary group supporting families who educate their children outside the mainstream system.  It was set up and is managed by home educators.  Based in the southwest, the centre has registered members from Somerset, Dorset and Devon.  We work in partnership with other organisations to improve the communications network and raise the profile of alternative education.

We welcome membership from families who, for whatever reason, choose to educate their children at home.

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Our philosophy

We want to bring to the mainstream a new vision of education, one in which children are empowered to direct their own learning and are able to seek freely answers to the questions they ask.

We believe that all children have the right to an education that responds to their individual needs.  Every child is unique and learns in a different way.  They get excited and motivated about different things and the way we educate our children needs to reflect this.

We believe that the current system of compulsory full time education is far too rigid and inflexible.  The focus on attainment and compulsory testing is placing too much pressure on children and as a society we need to take a radical look at what this target culture is actually achieving.  What we feel is needed is greater flexibility, allowing children to take advantage of the learning opportunities within the family and wider community.

Educational Quotes:

"Government control over the processes of education is infinitely more objectionable than government control of businesses.. .freedom cannot long survive when government tells [an individual] what thoughts he must think."  Virgil C. Blum

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